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Houston Mental Health Programs: Anxiety and Phobias, Depression, and Stress

Do you live your life in a fog?

Do normal life experiences affect you more negatively than most people?

Do you live with a high level of anxiety about daily activities?

Your mental health affects your physical health as well, and if you don’t already see increased inflammation and stress-related health problems, then you are very lucky. Most people who suffer from mental illness and deal with debilitating side-effects of medication do, in time, take a toll on their physical health as well.

If talk therapy, medication, mindset coaching, and just trying to use your willpower are not making enough difference for some of you, it’s time to try our integrative approach.

Take Control Of Your Mental Health, From The Inside Out.

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Find out how we can help you:

Anxiety and Phobias Treatment

Your body could be getting the signals wrong and keeping you trapped in fear or state of fight-or-flight when you know you shouldn’t be.

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Depression Treatment

The reasons therapy and medication aren’t lifting your depression might be in your gut.

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Stress Management Program

It’s not your fault that you seem never to find relief from life’s challenges. With the right cortisol hormonal balance and wellness plan, you will be able to face your old problems with new calmness.

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